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Willys World of numbers

item no. 205654

· products of more Willys World of Numbers

· iformationen about the learning concept.

· Math from a child’s point of view

· Long lasting materials with a high

stimulative nature which are suit

a ble

for children

· Coordinated learning system

· Proven to support mathematical

and language skills as well as core

skills (e.g. perception, concentration,

motor skills, rhythm and music)

· Scientifically evaluated


Willy’s Number Animals

Soft number animals made of fabric with features

that match the number.

Dimensions: Number Animals 1, ca. 38 cm height.

ø ca. 6,5 cm.

Material: foam cushion with terry cloth covering.

Age: 1+

The swan has

two feathers

The ape has

nine corners

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